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How to Hire a DJ for Your Wedding

By an eHow Contributor


Things You'll Need:

  • Dance Floors
  • Microphones
  • Speakers
  • Lights
  • Live Band And DJ Rentals
  • Lights
  1. Get some names - ask your friends and family; contact local dance clubs and radio stations; check the yellow pages and local magazines for professional entertainment company listings; talk to recent newlyweds and wedding vendors for informed opinions.

  2. Request interviews with prospective DJs. Explain your wants and needs for the event, including the demographics of your guests. Ask to see videos of their performances - true professionals will have these available to you - and get a feel for their personalities. Pay special attention to how he interacts with the crowd and his willingness to take requests.

  3. Check out his record or CD collection and see whether he'll get music specifically for your event. The key is to find a DJ with a large selection of music.

  4. Ask about the DJ's experience, and request references. Call couples who have used his services to be sure he is familiar with wedding protocol and is sensitive to the sentimentality of the event.

  5. Negotiate fees. Prices may be higher on the weekends, during heavy party months and for big-name DJs.

  6. Clarify any special equipment needs: venue requirements, issues around speaker size and aesthetics, custom-lighting plans.

  7. Determine whether the DJ will be expected to perform emcee duties in addition to spinning tunes.

  8. Get it in writing and include: date, time and location of the reception; his name and that of an acceptable substitute; performance schedule, as well as breaks and what will happen during that time; emcee duties; clothing and food; rate and overtime fees; equipment responsibilities; and cancellation and refund policies.

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